Our staff is highly qualified and well trained.  In addition to many years of experience and education, our caregivers meet all of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services requirements. The State requires at least one staff member scheduled at the center to be trained in Child Abuse Recognition, Common Childhood Illness Recognition, and First Aid at all times. At Baby Land it is our policy to have all staff members trained in these areas, together with additional training in Infant/Child CPR.

We divide children into three groups and each group is assigned a permanent caregiver.  Each child will stay with their group and caregiver until either the child leaves the center.


Kathy Dudley


Hello my name is Kathy and I partner with my husband, Walt, as an owner/operator of Baby Land, Inc. I opened Baby Land in May 1988 because I wanted to have a child care center that was uniquely designed for babies. I am the mother hen of babies and staff, because not only am I passionate about caring for children, but caring for people in general.  Along with almost twenty-seven years of experience here, I have earned my Early Childhood Education degree. I have completed many inservice classes and certifications including Brain Development of Infants, Infant/Toddler Education, First Aid, Child Abuse, CPR and Communicable Disease. My goal is to plan the expansion of Baby Land to include toddlers sometime in the near future.

My hobbies are traveling whenever possible, cooking and baking for others, shopping for great deals, and learning about history and other cultures while enjoying their delicious cuisine. I often spend time with friends and family, but I especially cherish time with my adult daughter and wonderful son-in-law. I also enjoy spending time with our friends’ twin teenage girls, playing games, swimming, bicycling, attending church services/events, and learning more about God. I hope to go to Boston for the biggest Fourth of July celebration one year soon.


Walt Dudley

Hello my name is Walt and I partner with my wife as an owner/operator of Baby Land,. Inc.  Prior to joining the staff here,  I attended the University of Dayton for a short time before going on to work for a Fortune 500 company as a full time and part-time employee throughout my seventeen years there.  From there I went into property and casualty insurance sales. Concurrently, I was a substitute staff member before I joined Baby Land on a full time basis in 1999.  My primary goal is to take care of the administrative and financial duties of the business, as well as providing quality care for the babies and their families. In addition, I am certified in First Aid, CPR, Communicable Disease, and Child Abuse.

I enjoy spending time with  my friends and family, working with cars, visiting car shows, traveling, and of course, James Bond.


Ann Pulaski

My name is Ann Pulaski. I have a BS in education, . I taught first grade many years ago before becoming a full time mom to four children, three daughters and one son. I have been married for twenty three years. I have recently returned to Baby Land, where I worked twenty some odd years ago while in college. I have a passion for children. I loved incorporating song and movement into my daily teaching. A few years back I also worked as an aide to the elderly. I very much enjoyed the job as I met many interesting people including some prisoners of war, a teacher during desegregation and one of the inventors of Pampers! I was proud to help these wonderful men and women keep their independence.

Life has kept me busy by putting us through the medical school of hard knocks, so much so that I like to call myself a honorary doctor, which drives my now teenagers absolutely nuts. We continue to battle chronic illness on a daily basis, so my main goal right now is getting my kids healthy and through their teen years in one piece.
In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors. I especially love to bike and swim. I also love to cook, often inventing my own recipes. Some day, I would like to open a taco stand, preferably in a place south of here where the sun always shines! I spend a lot of time researching my children’s diagnoses, so I can challenge the doctors to do better with the not so known disorders. I also volunteer at our community pool by heading a fundraising committee to keep the asset in our neighborhood and Hannah’s Treasure Chest. They are an organization that help the youth right here in our communities.

I am excited to be back at Baby Land- singing, dancing, and playing with the children!



Hello my name is Lisa and I’ve been with Baby Land, Inc. since 2013. I live with my parents and sister, while attending college as a nursing student. I’ve always loved working with children, which led me to pursue a BSN degree in hopes of working in a neonatal intensive care unit. I am currently certified in First Aid, Child Abuse, Communicable Disease, and CPR as a center employee.

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, reading (when I have time), shopping and being there (to shop) to give to others as much as I can. I am an active member of my church and I enjoy participating in the many events there.



Hello my name is Jill and I’ve been with Baby Land, Inc. since 2013. I joined the center while attending college as an early childhood education student. Although my goals have since changed, I have earned an Associate of Arts degree from Morehead State University. I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have five children, three of which I homeschooled until they entered college on full academic scholarships. Before joining the Baby Land staff, I was an educational consultant for seventeen years. As a community volunteer, I can often be found mentoring, tutoring or teaching Sunday School. I have traveled the Tri-State area singing with my talented family and I am also an avid reader. Some of my other hobbies include writing poetry, spending time with friends and learning Hangul, which is the Korean language.


Hello my name is Diana and I’ve been with Baby Land since 2013, though I was introduced to the center five years ago when my nephew attended here. I was especially excited to officially join the Baby Land family.  I enjoy working here because I really like caring for kids. In fact, my goal is to return to college and become a nurse practitioner working with children. As a employee, I am certified in First Aid, Child Abuse, CPR, and Communicable Disease. I am bilingual and often I am on hand available for translation when needed.

I am a mother of two precious girls with a wonderful man named Jacob.  I love spending time with my family and friends. I am truly a people person and I am often available to care for just about anyone because I enjoy the time I spend with them. I attend St. Mary’s Church and I am very active in my Hispanic community.

My hobbies are traveling, shopping, cooking and baking. As a native of Mexico, I can’t wait to plan a return trip there someday soon.