As a new mom I was looking for a childcare center that could provide high quality care and a wonderful learning environment, but I also wanted a place where my son would be loved and nurtured.  I found exactly that at BabyLand. 

It may not be a shiny new state of the art center with all the bells and whistles, but as an Adjunct Professor at a local university that teaches child development, I can tell you that it is the people that really matter not the brick and mortar. 

Kathy, Walt and their staff strive to work together in partnership with their families as the children grow and develop.  As a new mom I really needed that support and guidance and will forever be grateful to Kathy for her patience and understanding. 

I could not have asked for a better beginning to my son’s education.

Sincerely, Drake’s Mom, Molly E. Berus


Both of our boys attended Baby Land as infants. We would highly recommend this child care facility for any parents looking for safe and loving care.

All caregivers at Baby Land are very knowledgeable, friendly, and they are willing to take extra steps to ensure that both babies and their parents are doing exceptionally well. Your baby will receive great care on a daily basis, and as a parent you will have great teachers giving you tips on baby related issues.

We also liked the open floor plan since at any given time caregivers can see your baby, whether the child is playing, sleeping, or eating.

Our family had a great experience with Baby Land, a place where babies get hugged and rocked a lot, just like they were part of caregivers’ families.

Thanks for all! Mapley Family


It is with great pleasure that we write this recommendation for Baby Land.  It was important to us that we found a child care center that was safe, clean, had flexible hours, and experienced and educated care givers.  We were hesitant after looking at many cookie cutter child care chains.

From the minute I met Kathy, I knew I had found the perfect center.  Kathy and Walt made us feel like we were leaving our daughter with family.  They were always calm and patient, and we could tell that they really love what they do.  This was important to us because our

daughter was often there for up to ten hours per day. It was always fun to see Walt crawling around playing with the kids and Kathy lovingly rocking the babies.

Kathy cared for our daughter from the time she was six weeks old until she turned 18 months.   In addition to a daily report, Kathy and Walt took the time to chat with us at drop off and pick up.   If Baby Land was a toddler facility, we would still have our daughter there! 

We keep in touch with Kathy and Walt and consider them both to be role models not for children, but for the community.  We feel blessed to have found their childcare center and continued friendship.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through Kathy.  We believe Baby Land is a fantastic center that would fit your family’s needs.

Sincerely, The Heenan Family


Baby Land is just right. I sent my 1st child there and my 2nd is there now.  

The staff is wonderful –very sweet, very responsible, and fantastically experienced.  When I have concerns with my children, I ask my mom, my doctor and Baby Land.

I am a very busy nursing mother.  Baby Land is cheerful and supportive. They call me immediately for any issue and inform me fully.  They help with all sorts of things.  I know my child is in good hands and in a safe and encouraging environment there.

Baby Land’s prices beat the heavily advertised “chain” places and their quality of care is higher in my opinion.  I don’t even think of taking my second child anywhere else.

Andria Shaman


I happened upon Baby Land in 2009 when I first became a foster parent.  I have since taken three little ones there because I know they will get lots of LTC.  Kathy and Walt, the owners, along with their staff, provide an atmosphere that is warm and loving.  They truly care about the children in their care.  There is a lot of interaction in the center: the caregiver sits on the floor and play and cuddle with the children, they rock the babies to sleep, and provide gentle guidance to those who start to get into trouble.

I would highly recommend Baby Land to anyone who wants their baby to get the TLC they can’t give them around the clock.  I know if I have any more of infants in my care, I won’t hesitate to give Kathy and Walt a call.  They are like family.

Thanks for all you do, the Baumgardner family


Baby Land has been a blessing to my family!  Kathy and Walt are wonderful caregivers.  Our daughter Katelin is becoming a well rounded toddler and I believe Baby Land has played a big role with that.  They have a nicely structured environment and fun routine for the children.  It was obvious from the time we toured the facility that the safety and happiness of the children are priority.  The facility is open, colorful, and cheerful.  I was impressed with the room dividers for the specific needs of infant-toddler transition, private cribs and the bootie policy!  They are very hands on, you can be certain your child is cuddled, encouraged, and loved every day!  Coming from questionable private care provider to Baby Land has changed our lives!  I would highly recommend Baby Land to any family seeking childcare.

The Prestons

My son was 6 weeks and 1 day old when I dropped him off at Baby Land for the first time, and I sobbed all the way to work.  I felt heartbroken that my little guy was going to be spending more of his waking hours with strangers than with me.

Well, they’re not strangers anymore.  Walt and Kathy feel a lot more like family than just the folks who ran my son’s first daycare.  I think of them as his surrogate grandparents, and I always felt safe leaving him with people that I knew loved him and took such good care of him.

I remember being really overwhelmed when I was researching child care before my son was born.  I called dozens of centers and after a while they all started to seem similar- big, impersonal, and overly strict about their rules and procedures.  Baby Land, on the other hand, made a very different impression.  It’s a small center (you can see everything from the front door and you’ll know all the kids and caregivers names within a week) and they only take babies up to 18 months.  It’s really great knowing that the people who take care of your baby are “baby” specialists.  They really worked with me to make sure that their care was tailored to meet our needs.

My husband and I moved to Springboro when our son was 6 months old and started him in a new daycare center.  It lasted all of 3 days before he was back at Baby Land.  I was kind of embarrassed about having made the mistake of picking a center that was such a bad fit, but Kathy and Walt were thrilled to take him in again.  My husband and I spent two months driving him back and forth (an hour in the morning and another in the evening) until we finally found a place in Springboro that we’re happy with.  And, honestly, if gas wasn’t so expensive, we’d probably still be taking him to Baby Land.

I’m really going to miss seeing them every day, but I plan to take my son by often just to catch up and so that his “other grandparents” don’t miss out on his growing up.

The Morrisette Family

As a new, parent, it can be difficult to leave your precious little baby with someone while you return to work. We have been blessed that both of our children have been cared for by the staff of Babyland Nursery. From the beginning, they focused on the needs of our son. It is apparent that they strive to provide a loving environment for little ones to grow. From one-on-one time spent holding and cuddling the babies, to helping them learn to walk and talk, they are there step by step as the babies  begin to explore the world around them. The staff are interested not only in the baby, but in the family as a whole and are great at communicating what has gone on during the day, any concerns that they may have, and tips and ideas to help navigate those first few years. We very quickly felt as if we were leaving our son with family when we dropped him off. in the morning and looked forward to picking him up in the evening to and hearing about his activities and accomplishments that day. We were so impressed that there was no questions who would be caring for our daughter after she was born. Having two children “graduate” from Babyland, we certainly attest to the excellent, loving care they provide and would recommend them to anyone without reservation.

Lindsey Hammett

I would recommend baby land nursery over and over again to anyone that is looking for a caring hand, peace of mind and a homelike environment for their little ones. My two daughters, six year old and 18 months old were at baby land, I would say, they are amazing. The staffs are remarkably wonderful, loving and caring. Sometimes it is hard for parents to leave their baby with someone else, at baby land, they cared for my daughters just like their own. I didn’t have to worry about anything when I dropped them off my. I am so grateful for what they do.

Nkpoikana James
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